Shaping the future of dentistry, and at-home smile care

We're working with leaders in the dental community to develop new formulations that will change the way we care for our smile.

Driving innovation through partnerships with industry professionals

Together, Hismile's Research Team and Dental Professionals will develop advanced oral care and cosmetic formulations for patients and the Hismile community.

Meet Dr. Fadi Yassmin

Dr. Yassmin is the owner and principal dentist at FY Smile in Sydney's Double Bay. He’s a pioneer of the dental industry, whose work is constantly challenging the status quo and bringing fresh ideas to dentistry.

Dr Yassmin graduated from Sydney University in 1993 and went on to complete his Masters in Dental Aesthetics from the prestigious Kings College. Dr Yassmin established his practice in 1998 and has provided a boutique environment that not only remains state of the art in all technology, treatments and oral solutions, but also provides patients with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Introducing FY Smile, Sydney’s leading smile care centre

FY Smile offer personalised dental treatment in an atmosphere that’s designed to make all patients feel relaxed and comfortable. They take a holistic approach to their dental practice, guided by each patient’s unique facial features and personality when customising a smile to make it healthy, strong, and suited to each individual.

As a Hismile Professional clinic, they’ll be amongst the first to test new products in a controlled environment. They’ll have access to prototypes of new products to be used in clinic before launch. Feedback recieved from patients and Dr. Fadi himself will be essential in developing and improving new products before they’re released to our wider community.