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My Ultimate Teeth Whitening Routine

Mollie from our Community Management team shares her Ultimate Teeth Whitening Routine.

Having so many ways to whiten your teeth can be overwhelming, but with my simple steps you’ll perfect your daily whitening routine.

HiSmile's Day and Night toothpaste is perfect as part of your daily routine!


Let’s start with when I first wake up, we are all no stranger to morning breath or also known as Halitosis. Bad breath is most commonly caused by the odour of chemicals produced by a build-up of bacteria in your mouth.

It’s always best to start the morning by brushing your teeth, I love using the HiSmile Day Toothpaste as it’s perfect to rid bad breath. With the inclusion of Calcium Carbonate, the Day Toothpaste works to gently remove plaque. I use the Day Toothpaste before I eat breakfast as this prevents stains from foods like Vegemite, Nutella, jam on toast, berry smoothies or even my morning coffee.

After eating there's always an important step that can be overlooked, floss. Flossing is essential, as it helps to remove up to 40% of plaque and food debris that can get caught in between my teeth and gums. It only takes a few quick minutes and drastically helps brighten my smile.

Lastly, before I start my day I recommend using mouthwash. It’s up to you which type of mouthwash you would like to use; Fluoride, Antiseptic, Therapeutic or Natural. My favourite is a natural mouthwash, like the HiSmile Coconut Mouthwash as it has a range of benefits due to its oil pulling process. The main benefit of oil pulling that I love, is that it reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in my mouth.

Oil pulling is simple — Just swish the oil around your mouth, and the bacteria will get swept away and dissolve in the oil. The HiSmile mouthwash not only helps free food debris while killing bacteria but also assists in whitening my teeth, as it includes a small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate.


I always follow up my routine after I finish lunch, by maintaining my routine during the day, it allows me to see better whitening results and create solid oral care habits.

After I finish eating I either rinse my mouth with a glass of water or wait half an hour and brush my teeth. I personally prefer to rinse my mouth with water as it takes no time at all, and let’s face it I’ll probably forget to set a timer to brush my teeth 30 minutes later. However brushing your teeth is another great way to dislodge food particles in between your teeth. If you prefer you can chew gum after eating and drinking. Chewing gum helps wash away food particles that could cause stains by stimulating saliva flow.

Our Home Teeth Whitening Kit rounds out the ultimate home whitening routine!


At the end of my day, my nightly routine is just as important as when I wake up, following my whitening routine through from AM to PM not only creates great oral habits but will continue to whiten my teeth. After I finish eating dinner, I always use the HiSmile Night Toothpaste. It includes Bentonite Clay & Activated Charcoal, which assist in removing surface stains and gradually whitening your teeth while I sleep. After brushing once again I always remember to floss, for the same reasons it will dislodge food from my dinner and fight gum diseases such as gingivitis.

My personal favourite addition to my nightly routine is using the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit. Using the Kit over 6 consecutive nights will promote a brighter smile, simply use ¼ of the Gel on the top of the mouth tray and ¼ on the bottom for 10 minutes and you’re done. The Teeth Whitening Gel uses both Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Chlorite to fight off stains and whiten your teeth. After I finish whitening I like to rinse my mouth with water to remove excess Gel or use a therapeutic mouthwash as they contain special ingredients that strengthen teeth and help treat certain oral health conditions.

By following my Ultimate Teeth Whitening Routine, you’re well on your way to achieving a brighter smile and some pretty great oral care habits that you can adopt into your own daily routine.

Mollie - Community Management Coordinator

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