How is Hismile’s new VIO405 Teeth Whitening Kit different from the previous PAP+ Kit?

The Hismile Research Centre is dedicated to constantly innovating and improving the smilecare category. When it comes to whitening, we always want to offer the highest quality product that addresses the main concerns our customers have around teeth whitening; results and sensitivity. Over the past few years we have conducted a significant amount of research and development to improve our products and we have now identified the most effective formula, with the most effective device to date.

We have completely redesigned the Teeth Whitening Kit from the inside out to deliver the world’s first at-home VIO405 light. Illuminated by 32 LEDs as opposed to the 5 in our previous device, and operating on a shorter wavelength, this new violet light activates our PAP+ formula like never before. Boosted by our PAP+ Primer to deliver the next level of at-home whitening.

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The easiest, most effective way to whiten your teeth at home

Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

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