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Our Top 6 Teeth Whitening Myths

With well over a million customers worldwide, it's safe to say that we know a thing or two about teeth whitening. We've spent years refining our products and working on our formulas to find the safest, easiest and fastest way to whiten your teeth from home.

Not sure if teeth whitening is for you? We sat down with the Customer Experience team to talk through common teeth whitening misconceptions and myths and help you make a more informed decision.


One of the biggest misconceptions about teeth whitening is that it is harmful to the enamel of your teeth. It's no wonder, considering most whitening practices use Hydrogen Peroxide as the active whitening ingredient. If used too often, or in a highly concentrated dose, Hydrogen Peroxide can cause some pretty nasty damage to your enamel.

HiSmile uses a controlled dosage of Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP) in our Teeth Whitening Kit as the active ingredient. PAP combined with our other active ingredients maintains maximum whitening results and ensures that no tooth erosion or enamel damage takes place. It's a win-win!

The verdict: Busted! HiSmile's range of whitening products aren't harmful to your teeth (But be careful with any other treatment using Hydrogen Peroxide).


If you've ever had your teeth whitened at the dentist, you'll know that you can be left with your teeth feeling quite sensitive and sore. For days after your treatment, something as simple as a glass of cold water can result in some severe pain. Once again, this culprit at work here is the use of Hydrogen Peroxide in high concentrations.

When we designed the Kit, one of the non-negotiables was to create a device that delivered maximum results without the cost of pain or sensitivity. That's why our formula uses a combination of active whitening ingredients with various plant extracts, to create a whitening gel that's effective and most importantly, sensitivity free.

The verdict: Busted! HiSmile's whitening ingredients ensure that you'll never experience any sensitivity or soreness.


If you've already read our article on the Top 10 Foods that Stain Your Teeth, then you know that half the battle of keeping your teeth white is in what you eat and drink. Your teeth are porous, meaning that they naturally absorb the food and liquid that you consume. Coffee, tea, wine, pasta and curry sauce, and even some fruits are all capable of staining your teeth with regular intake.

Despite this, it's a catch twenty-two when it comes to some of these food groups. For instance, Berries have a range of added health benefits that you don't want to cut out of your diet. Our tip is always to reduce your intake if you're worried about staining your teeth and make sure to brush or rinse after eating any dark food or drink.

The verdict: Plausible! It may be a good idea to reduce your consumption of certain foods during your whitening cycle, to get the best results.


Everyone has different oral care routines and diets, so the level of discolouration or staining from person to person can vary by quite a lot. That's why we include a handy shade-guide with every HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, to help you identify your stains, and track your whitening progress.

Unfortunately, our formula only whitens natural teeth, and so anyone that has veneers, caps, or crowns will not experience any change. We also advise against whitening while using orthodontics, so you're not left with different patches of colour when your braces come off. If you're unsure of whether you should give teeth whitening a go, always consult your dentist first.

The verdict: Busted! Our teeth whitening products work great on teeth of all shapes and sizes, but only if they're natural.


Many people run under the impression that white teeth mean healthy teeth. There is a grain of truth to this, but it's a little more complicated than you may think. Having white teeth could be an indication that you don't have a great deal of plaque and no apparent teeth cavities.

Even so, hidden cavities could still mean that your teeth are unhealthy. Luckily, this goes both ways. Just as white teeth aren't necessarily healthy, having discoloured teeth doesn't mean that you have a build-up of plaque or cavities.

The verdict: Plausible! White teeth are an indication of good health, but it's best to have your teeth examined to avoid any nasty surprises.


There are many reasons that stains occur in the first place. Just as discolouration slowly builds up over time, your whitening results can fade over time. With proper care and appropriate changes to your diet and routine, your teeth whitening results can be very long lasting, but not permanent.

For the best whitening results, we always recommend regular use of the Teeth Whitening Kit. Our Kit includes a full whitening cycle of six applications, but if you want to go even whiter, then you can always pick up a set of Gel Refills. Once you're happy with your shade, complete an application once every two weeks to keep your white teeth in check.

The verdict: Busted! With proper care, your whitening results can last a long time, but not forever. Good maintenance is key!

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