Mamello Lelala

I’m a 26 year old, private aid nurse from Florida, United States. I’ve been using HiSmile since July 2019, and my favourite product is the Teeth Whitening Kit.

Mamello Mamello

We chatted to Mamello about her HiSmile routine, and how happy she was to start seeing results after her first application.

Hey Mamello! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 26 year old, private aid nurse from Florida, United States, and I’ve been using HiSmile since July 2019.

Why did you start using HiSmile?

I first started using HiSmile because I wanted to rid some of my surface stains, while achieving a more white and clean looking smile.

What is your favourite product?

I do love my Teeth Whitening Kit, because it is so easy to use and helps my teeth become whiter in just 10 minutes. I know I will continue to use my Kit with Gel Refills!

What was your reaction after using HiSmile for the first time?

I absolutely loved my results! I was happy to see that my teeth after just the first application, were much whiter than ever before. This is why I didn't hesitate to continue to use the products to keep them clean and white.

What other products have you tried?

I'm currently using the Day and Night Toothpaste which are working wonders on my teeth. I've also been using Gel Refills which have tremendously helped with the overall whitening process.

What is your HiSmile routine?

In the morning I always use the Day Toothpaste and each evening I use the Night Toothpaste, every now and then I use my Kit with Gel Refills after brushing my teeth before bed. Which also conveniently works with my skin and beauty routines.

What has HiSmile done for you personally?

People around me are starting to notice that my teeth are whiter, which has also boosted my confidence a whole lot. I always had a problem with my teeth and when it came to smiling it was difficult, as I was self conscious. But having a clean and white smile has definitely made me feel much better about showing my teeth. All thanks to my HiSmile products.

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