Anthony Brennen

30 year old dementia care worker for the elderly from Coventry, UK

"WOW... This product actually works"


About me:

I’m a 30 year old dementia care worker for the elderly from Coventry, UK.

Using HiSmile Since:

August 2019.

What was your starting and ending shade:

I used the shade guide before to help track my results, I started at a shade 5 and by the end of the 6 days, I am pleased to say I'm now a shade 3!


I started using HiSmile as my friend at work had their teeth whitened at a dentist and although the results were moderate, it was just too expensive. I remember I continually saw ads for HiSmile and one night after pay day I decided to order it.

What’s your favourite HiSmile products you’ve tried? What products have you tried:

I have only tried the Teeth Whitening Kit, but I plan on purchasing the Gel Refills and the Day and Night Toothpaste next month. I'm excited to continue using your products!

What do you like most about HiSmile products:

The thing I like most about my HiSmile products is not only the fantastic results, but how easy and simple they are to use. They also have a nice finish to them and the Gels made my teeth feel nice and clean.

What has HiSmile done for you personally:

The Kit has not only given me much whiter teeth and therefore improved my smile, but it was because of the 6 day experience I started vlogging. The whole experience was just too much fun I couldn't not! This has changed my confidence that I needed but couldn't find. If it wasn't for the fantastic encouragement and customer service from HiSmile I would not be where I am now.


My reaction after using my products for the first time was just "WOW... This product actually works" It did exactly what it said it would do, which is rare as quite often lots of products are more hype than results but certainly not HiSmile.

What’s your travel routine with your products:

The HiSmile Kit is small and compact and easily fits into my overnight bag and would definitely take it away with me when using my refills and the Day and Night Toothpaste.

What HiSmile product is next on your list to try:

Looking forward the most to the Day and Night Toothpaste, I can't wait to try it and experience that HiSmile quality again.

If you drink coffee what’s your order:

Give me an Iced Frappuccino any day of the week! I love them, lucky I have my HiSmile products.

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