Amy Kaufman

I'm a 35 year old Orthotics and Prosthetics Technician from Oregon, USA. I’ve been using HiSmile since December 2018, and my favourite product is the Teeth Whitening Kit.

Amy Amy

We chatted to Amy about how confident she feels after using the Teeth Whitening Kit, and how it fits into her beauty routine.

Hey Amy! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a 35 year old Orthotics and Prosthetics Technician from Oregon, USA, and I’ve been using HiSmile since December 2018.

Why did you start using HiSmile?

I started using HiSmile because I really wanted to have more confidence in having a brighter smile versus having a coffee stained yellow mouth.

What was your reaction after using HiSmile for the first time?

My first reaction after using the Teeth Whitening Kit was that I was astounded, because I was super shocked that my gums weren’t affected. No redness and I wasn’t having any sort of sensitivity, tingling or burning any sort of gum pain that I have had from using other whitening products in the past.

What was your starting and ending shade?

When I first started I was in between a 6-7 and after my 6 applications was complete my teeth were a shade 3.

What do you like most about your HiSmile products?

What I love most about my products is that a little goes a long way and the products actually WORK! They are made with natural ingredients which is such a bonus.

What is your HiSmile Routine?

My HiSmile beauty routine usually consists of me doing some sort of face mask while I’m whitening and then when I’m done, I will brush my teeth with the Day and Night Toothpaste and then use the Coconut Mouthwash, which I absolutely love.

What has HiSmile done for you personally?

Personally, HiSmile has made me so much more confident to smile and show off my pearly whites. After using the Kit I’ve received so many compliments, people were always asking what products I was using so I absolutely love that it gave me that little bit more attention.

What product is next on your list to try?

Honestly the next couple of products that I really want to try from HiSmile, aside from getting more Gel Refills, I want to get The HiSmile Toothpaste and I also want to try the Teeth Whitening Pen so that I can have maintenance in between my applications with the Kit. I also need to stock up on more of my Day and Night Toothpaste.

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